9 Days to Halloween – Scary Games

Remember “Bloody Mary?” I was so scared of going to the bathroom at night because of this game, and I certainly never volunteered to try it when at a slumber party. But, I hear, to this day, it’s still a party staple among adolescents. Here’s a list of scary games to play…if you dare.

‘Till next time!

1) Bloody Mary – Stand in front of a mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times and a woman will appear; but beware, she’s there to kill.

2) The Ouija Board – I once had a friend who had this game and we got as far as pulling the box from underneath her bed but then we chickened out. I never went near one again. You ask the spirits from beyond a question and they answer you by using the board game’s little triangular, moveable piece.

3) Into the Grave – Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me, but I know there are horror fans out there. In this game, a friend holds your legs in the air for several minutes and then lowers them/you to the ground, very slowly, giving you the sensation that your lower half is sinking below the ground.

4) Hide and Seek…in the Dark – I’m pretty sure you can imagine how to play this game and that playing it in the dark, with senses deprived, will have you hearing and seeing things that may or may not be real. I get the chills just thinking about it.

5) Man Hunt – This is Hide and Seek but outdoors, in the woods, at night. No, thank you.

For more games, please visit Mandatory. And to know the science behind the games such as “Bloody Mary” and the “Ouija,” please visit Cracked. You’d be surprised by how real they really are…


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