2 Days to Halloween – (Retro) Candy

Halloween is nothing without candy. It’s the icing on the cake after weeks of preparation and anticipation. I think it’s pretty easy to find out what are the most popular candies these days, so I decided to reflect upon my trick-or-treating days and remember what candies my brother and I were most excited about finding in our goody bag. What a fun trip down memory lane! (Except for the part where my brother would steal my favorite candy and I wouldn’t find out about it until he ate them, taunting me with the empty wrappers. Brothers.)

‘Till next time!

1) Gummy Bears


2) Lemonheads


3) Pop Rocks


4) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


5) Sweet Tarts


6) Pixy Stix


7) Big League Chew


8) Charms Blow Pops


9) Nerds


10) AirHeads


To buy retro candy, visit here.

For the most hated Halloween treats, visit here.


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