Literature Week – Biography, Autobiography

I’m not a big fan of biographies or autobiographies per se, but of what I’ve read, I’ve loved. I focused this area on the media, even though my mother thinks it is evil, but because my background is communications and I love the media, I wanted to give it some space. I may have cheated a little with Tom Brokaw’s book but will argue that it’s a biography of an era from a personal perspective instead of an individual person so, therefore, it still counts. Hope you enjoy my recommendations!

‘Till next time!

1. Lynn Sherr Outside the Box – I remember Lynn Sherr when she was on 20/20, although I’d have to wait until my parents went to sleep to sneak out of my room and watch it on TV with the volume very low which meant I was sitting right in front of it.  I also prayed my nosy brother wouldn’t catch me, which he did, and I had to do his chores for two weeks so he wouldn’t tell.  He still told on me. Anyway, I found much inspiration in Lynn Sherr’s book especially as a woman in a field dominated by men. I heard she’s very nice too.


2. Barbara Walters Audition – This book is filled not with just inspiration for overcoming stereotypes and hardships both professionally and privately, but the book is filled with fantastic historical facts and stories.


3. Tom Brokaw Boom! Voices of the Sixties – This book gives such insight into the era. My parents won’t really talk about that time period (calling it evil and filled with sex, drugs, and rock n roll music that destroyed youth’s minds), so I found it enlightening to read about it, not to mention slightly devious while reading it and somewhat of a liar for hiding it.


4. Mindy Kaling Is Everyone Hanging Out with Me (And Other Concerns) – I just finished reading this and really liked it. Kaling’s writing style is so fun and, while I blushed through some of it, she feels like a best friend with whom you can be open and honest about anything. She reached, and continues to reach, for her dreams. A true inspiration indeed!



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