Literature Week – Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, True Crime

This isn’t my favorite genre, so I don’t have much to choose from in my personal library. I guess I should try and step out of my comfort zone, but how do you find inspiration in a science-fiction story or in true crime? It’s all just kind of scary, especially true crime. I mean, it really happened! I’ve watched an episode or two on those crime television shows. No, thank, you.

But, having said all that, here are three books I have read that I found interesting. Two are by the same author so please forgive me. Like I said, limited choices.

‘Till next time!

1. Ira Levin This Perfect Day – There is no horror or gore in this story but it gets you thinking about a world dominated by computers. I found it to be suspenseful and interesting, and it’s kind of hard to believe a movie hasn’t been made out of it yet like his book Rosemary’s Baby, which I’ve never seen, never will see, nor will I ever read the book. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.


2. Ira Levin The Stepford Wives – I found this to be a bit more creepy that This Perfect Day but still not as creepy as what I hear Rosemary’s Baby to be. I always wanted a house with a white picket fence and the perfect life…but this book somewhat shattered those dreams. But I can still hope for the house and white picket fence…


3. Reader’s Digest Strange Stories, Amazing Facts – My brother would read stories from this to me and he’d make sure to scare me as often as possible. He snuck a copy of it from the local library when we were kids and we’d hide under a tent he made with his blankets and read from it. There are some stories in there that are cool and fun but he, being the brother that he is, would find the ones that were most scary and I’d be too nervous to leave the room by myself, so I just sat there and listened.



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