Costume Designer Award Winners 2014

The Oscars are most people’s focus, and I’m no different, but, this year, I’ve been trying to pay attention to all the awards. Not an easy feat given all the other things going on. But yesterday’s Costume Designers Awards couldn’t be missed. Costume designers are an integral part of bringing a show to life. How I would love to work in a period piece! I just couldn’t decide what era I would like to dress up in. What about you, my dear readers? If you could get paid to play dress-up, what era would you pick?

Here are some of the winners from last night’s awards:

1. Excellence in Contemporary Film Winner – “Blue Jasmine,” Suzy Benzinger. (Picture, Sony Pictures Classics.)


2. Excellence in Period Film Winner – “12 Years a Slave,” Patricia Norris. (Picture, Fox Searchlight Pictures.)



3. Excellence in Fantasy Film Winner – “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Trish Summerville. (For an interview with Trish Summerville where she talks about her favorite costume pieces, please visit here.)


4. Outstanding Period/Fantasy Television Series Winner – “Downtown Abbey,” Caroline McCall.


5. Outstanding Made for Television Movie or Mini Series Winner – “Behind the Candelabra,” Ellen Mirojnick. (Picture, HBO.) (For a video gallery of more costumes from the show, please visit here.)


The honoree for the Lacoste Spotlight Award this year was Amy Adams. Loooooove her!

amy adams-chrispolk-getty images for CDG

For more information and a complete list of nominees, please visit here.


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