Fear Factors

Hello, dear readers! I hope last week you were able to focus on a goal and reach it. And, if not, then at least have taken steps toward reaching it. I decided to get back out there and look for guests for upcoming shows and met some very interesting people. So, while I didn’t book anyone, it felt good to get out there and meet people again. Baby steps, right?

This week’s quote focuses on fear. We all get scared for various reasons, which holds us back. Fear of mistakes, fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid… I am always afraid to do things especially when it comes to decisions regarding my career, but I’m working on pausing to ask myself, “How badly do I want to know the outcome of this situation, because the only way to find that out is to do it” (whatever “it” is). I wish I could say that I give in every time…but let’s just say, I’m a work in progress.

And with that, I wish for us all to have a week filled with progress! ‘Till next time!



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