To Catch a Day

Hello everyone! I have been running ragged which makes this week’s quote so appropriate. I have definitely allowed for the days to run me which turns into the weeks running me, only to then turn around and realize that I’ve completely neglected my blog! I’ve been working on so many different things, and I hope to present some new and exciting things. Ones that don’t depend on executives. (Shhh…)

While we may want to control every aspect of our lives it, of course, is not something that’s possible. Though how I wish I could! Some would say we can’t control anything but I don’t think I agree. I may not be able to control what gets thrown at me but I can sure control how I react to it, right? At least, that’s what I’m learning.

So let’s all try to find a balance within ourselves where we don’t feel ragged at the end of the day but still feel accomplished. Here’s to a successful week!

‘Till next time!



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