The Feel-Good Gelato

Hello everyone! Happy first full week of July. Can you believe it? We are more than half-way through 2014.

I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend. After a long weekend, it was a little hard getting out of bed yesterday, right?

This week’s quote has to do with a random act of kindness I witnessed which I feel compelled to share. I was sitting at a cafe enjoying my half-caf mocha with almond/coconut milk (delish), and noticed a grandmother ordering some gelato for her granddaughter when she realized that she only had $2 cash on her which wasn’t enough to cover the cost. Her wallet was at home.

The woman behind the counter had to dump the gelato back into its container and the grandmother tried to explain to her very disappointed granddaughter, who was about 7 years old, that she couldn’t get the gelato because she didn’t have enough money. The little girl was devastated. As tears rolled down the little girl’s face, a woman popped up and offered to pay for the gelato. The grandmother, at first, declined but the woman insisted, got in line and told the woman behind the counter to get the gelato again, and that she’d pay for it.

The little girl’s eyes lit up and both grandmother and granddaughter were thankful. The little girl’s smile was worth a million dollars and it got me thinking about how more than 3 people’s lives were affected by that gesture. They all felt good, and who doesn’t want more of that?

Therefore, I encourage that this week, we take a good look at what’s around us and find a way to put forth a nice gesture toward someone. And, most importantly, focus on the good feeling you get. It will carry you through the day.

‘Till next time!



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