To Shrink or Not to Shrink

Hello everyone! The days keep slipping away. “Ack!” – like Cathy in the comic strip used to always say.

I’ve been needing a dose of courage lately and, so, this week’s quote is very appropriate. Sometimes people tell me I have a lot of courage but I often don’t feel that way, especially since so many things go wrong for me. But I remind myself of Oprah and all her shows where people overcame adversity. These people chose to expand their lives instead of shrivel away in hardship. It also reminds me of the sentiment “mind over matter.” You can choose to disappear into a hole when things get hard, or you can choose to face them head-on with determination. Anyone can hide; not much courage there and easy to do. 

Let’s take this week to focus on stepping out of our comfort zones, on taking a risk, however small it may be, and see where it takes us. Remember, you can’t move forward without taking that first step.

Till next time!



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