Confidence in Dreams

Hello everyone! Another week, another quote!

I’ve been following the tragedy of Malaysia flight 17 that was shot down over the Ukraine, and it’s so heartbreaking. Any loss of life is, of course. When I found out that many, if not most, of the travelers on the plane were AIDS researchers headed to a major conference, I buried my hands in my face. Such a horrible loss to the science and medical community, and the world at large. Incidences such as this remind me of how fragile life is, and how important it is to make each day count. I know I’m just echoing a sentiment I’ve written about before, and one that I know you, my dear readers, are well aware of, but I can’t help but repeat myself. It’s so easy to forget that thought. We get caught up in the details of daily life that we forget to be present in the smell of a wonderful fragrance or watch a bird fly. These are just as important as paying a bill.

We have to try and remember to make each day count. We may not all be a Lincoln, an Einstein, or a Picasso, or a Susan B. Anthony, an Amelia Earhart, or an Oprah, but somewhere, somone depends on and needs us, and that’s a lot.

Our dreams may be important to only us, and they may seem insignificant in the larger picture, but dreams of any size are necessary. I’m realizing that dreams and hopes are what keeps me going; without them, I’m lost. So I’ll take whatever frustration comes with those dreams.

Dare to dream and dare to be confident in your dreams, because, my friends, what’s the alternative?

This week’s quote is dedicated to the passengers of Malaysia flight 17.

‘Till next time.



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