Taking on Fearlessness

Hi everyone! This week’s inspirational quote is not a new sentiment with me, but it’s a good reminder. I was walking through downtown Culver City and, as I walked by the fountain in front of the movie theatre, I noticed kids playing in the water. I also noticed two different families walking up to the fountain with their kids. Within minutes, all the kids were playing with each other and it got me thinking about how easily children can come together. Their common goal at the moment was to share in the fun of splashing around and chasing after spouting water. There was no fear. No fear of judgement or fear of preconceived notions about the other. It was all about the pure joy of play.

How many times are we afraid to do something or approach someone because we’re afraid of what other people will think of us or how we will look to strangers? One of my favorite memes getting passed around is the one where a horse is tied to a plastic chair with the quote that reads, the only limitation that exists is what’s in our own head. So true.

I’m willing to try and step out of my comfort zone at least once this week. You?

To a productive and fearless week. ‘Till next time!



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