Falling Into Strength

Hello everyone! Hopefully you had a good weekend. Boy it was hot, right?

I’m focusing this week on stumbling blocks. We all have them and we know they’re no fun. How many times do we fall trying to overcome the stumbles, and how many times do we pick ourselves up? It’s never easy. And some stumbles are rougher than others, I know. The fall can scrape our knees, or more, but what’s important is that we push ourselves up. It’s important to ask and/or accept any help offered as we get up, but we have to be the ones to make that initial push. None of us is immune to these stumbles, but what we do with them is unique to our character. I was supposed to have two episodes of my show already shot by now, but I’ve hit so many stumbling blocks this year, it’s hard to count. But I’m bound and determined to somehow push through. What can you push for in the coming weeks?

Here’s to getting up and standing tall. ‘Till next time! irmah-FallGetUp


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