Smile to Lift Up

Hello everyone! Happy Monday; new week, new challenges, new successes.

I’m channeling my hero, Oprah, with this week’s inspirational quote. She’s always encouraging each of us to do good in the world and to inspire each other which, of course, was the source of my starting my blog last year. But I especially would like to focus on that sentiment this week. It’s easy to get down on ourselves and focus on what’s not going right, but if we take a closer look, there’s always something good we can find. And should we have trouble finding something good, I encourage to start by just smiling at a stranger and pay attention to how you feel. Like a yawn, a smile is contagious. Your spirits will be lifted and you will see a little more color through your eyes. I promise.

Here’s to an inspirational week! ‘Till next time.



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