8 Days to Halloween – Your Soundtrack

Hello Everyone! Today’s topic is music. Creepy music, that is. Soundtracks are such an important part of a movie (or TV show), and I’m always in awe at the creativity that comes from a composer’s mind. This is a little nod to all of them.

Oh, and I dare you to listen to these in the dark and by yourself with just your imagination. And maybe a candle.

Enjoy! ‘Till next time.

1. I’m to understand that Dario Argentos is a true horror movie’s fan favorite director, or, at least, one of. I will never see any of his movies, because I do not have the stomach for it, so I have to go by the experts; i.e, the fans. There’s a lot of praise for his movie “Suspiria” and here’s one of the songs titled “Sighs” from the movie written by Goblin.

2. Here’s for a very different kind of ambient music, something you won’t find at an office. Maybe. Lustmord’s “Zoetrope.”

3. I’ve seen the movie “The Shining,” and I know a lot of people love it, but it’s just so creepy to me. I found it difficult to ride elevators for a while after seeing it. But I love the fact that a woman composed its theme song. Here’s Wendy Carlos’ theme for “The Shining.”

4. You would think a “boogie” would be fun and light-hearted. Not if David Lynch and Alan R. Splet have a say. Here’s “Pete’s Boogie” from the movie “Eraserhead.”

5. Can’t leave out some classical music. Camille Saint-Saens’ “Danse Macabre.” This doesn’t necessarily invoke evil, terror or horror, but there is an element of sinister in between the notes. Or so I hear.

…And because Halloween isn’t Halloween without the stereotypical sounds most of us know of and some of us run from, here’s a few “standard” horror movies and their songs that give me the shudders just thinking about…

1. “Halloween,” Michael Meyers Theme Song

2. “Friday the 13th” theme song

3. I had a friend who loved the movie “Pi” a lot. It wasn’t my cup of tea, and never saw it, but I feel this song from it matches the mood of today’s blog.

A very special Thank you to Dan Jacobson for his help.


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