3 Days to Halloween – 10 Favorite Celeb Costumes

Hello everyone! I checked out Elle to find costumes worn by celebrities that I found to be creative, fun, or spooky. (They are from 2013.) Hope you enjoy my picks.

‘Till next time!

1. Here’s Demi Lovato in a truly scary costume. Very creative, though.


2. Jay Manual. Truly creative as well.


3. Ellen Degeneres as Niki Minaj. Hilarious as always.

ellen degeneres

4. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with kids. So cute.

NPH-David Burtka-Instagram

5 and 6. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock go trick or treating with their kids wearing the same costume.

SPL642241_013               SPL642241_020

7. Fergie and Josh Duhamel in Dios de los Muertos costume. Fantastico!


8. Sandra Bullock again. Love her spirit.


9. Kate Moss and husband. Scarily creative.


10. Paris Hilton channeling Madonna. I couldn’t resist the throwback to the ’80s.



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