12 Days to Halloween: Disney Hauntings

Hi everyone!

Growing up in southern California, it was always nice to brag that Disneyland was kind of in our backyard. I, personally, have never outgrown the magic of Disneyland and, one day, I will surely have my wedding there… But one thing I didn’t know was that there is a lot more to the Haunted Mansion than meets the eye. In Sunday’s Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times, an article gives some hidden information that only deepens mysteries about the Mansion such as the tale of the sea captain, his wife, the murder, and the ghostly hat box. Have you ever seen any of them? Me neither. But they’re there! (Except for maybe the murder. It almost was…)

I’m including a video created by the Disney History Institute in which questions about the Hatbox Ghost are analyzed, and should you want more information about the Mansion, you can visit Doombuggies.

Pirates of the Caribbean has always been my favorite ride, but I will definitely be paying closer attention to the details the next time I’m visiting the Haunted Mansion. Who knows, perhaps I’ll spot the sea captain’s ghost wandering around or maybe I’ll find Constance’s pearls…

‘Till next time!


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